SQL Server / PowerShell / Check SQL Server version and a current patch level for all servers you specify using PowerShell

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Check SQL Server Version and the current patch level for all servers you specified. As well check the latest patches/updates available for the installed SQL Server version and send an email with results.


SQL Server Instance Update Status PowerShell script which can be invoked remotely from another PC through the command line, with PowerShell or executed remotely through task scheduler adding servers names. The script is checking server registry values for (Version, PatchLevel, Edition, SQLPath), you can choose and add other values from the registry if needed. After that, the script compares the version installed and grabs RSS Feed values with all updates available for that particular version.

I am using my RRS Feeds (https://blog.sqlserveronline.com/category/updates/feed/?withoutcomments=1), customized for my needs, but you can create your own, or use RSS from other sources, such as http://sqlserverupdates.com/feed/ (Excellent web page, all update information you need, Brent Ozar). 

I have RSS feed for the SQL Server Version 2012 and newer. I am suggesting using a proxy to connect to any outside RSS Feeds, in this example your SQL Server Instances need an internet connection.

Powershell script:

Email report example using the above PowerShell script


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