SQL Server / Missing Indexes Query / Cached Plans / Email Alert

This is example of missing indexes of database within email alert, we already had example how you can use sp_send_dbmail stored procedures from msdb database to send backup size email daily, and this example is just to show use case with different scripts.

I used following arguments to achieve this

@profile_name (name of an existing Database Mail profile, type sysname, default NULL),

@recipients (Is a semicolon-delimited list of e-mail addresses to send the message to, varchar(max)),

@body (Is the body of the e-mail message, nvarchar(max)),

@subject (Is the subject of the e-mail message, nvarchar(255)),

@body_format (Is the format of the message body, varchar(20))

More information about this system stored procedure you can find here sp_send_dbmail (Transact-SQL)



Your email result should be similar to



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