Azure / SQL Server / Create DB on Azure

First of all, we need to login to Azure Portal and to create Logical SQL Server on Azure


Next, we need to put the name of the server, as well as server admin login account for this Azure Logical SQL Server.

After that, we can create a new one or to use existing resource group.


When we finish this part of configuration we can start with creating Azure SQL Server Database.

We need to define database name, and subscription we want to use for this SQL Database


After that, we need to select source of our database (blank, sample, or restore from backup)


Than we need to choose previously created SQL Server or to create new one if we want.

Next step is to choose do we want to use SQL Elastic pool (I did not use this option for this example)


Following step is to choose Pricing tier we want to use. You can find out more about that here 


That is all, now we have our SQL Server and blank SQL Database created.

Next step is to connect to our database using SSMS.



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